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Record your professional voice reel at an affordable rate, in a low pressure, high-tech boutique studio.

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Chazz Redhead Studios

Chazz Redhead is an independent sound designer, with extensive experience in theatrical productions

He is Resident Sound Designer for BEAST HOUSE, and Sound Designer for Les Enfants Terribles' UNITED QUEENDOM.

Chazz brings a wealth of experience as a writer, performer and director. He has been a Performer/Director of the critically acclaimed NewsRevue (2015-18)
 and graduated from the NFTS Diploma in Writing and Producing Comedy in (2016). This unique combination of experience and skill lends him the ability to assess your vocal quality, write personalised text for your recording and offer personalised direction during your vocal performance.

Chazz Redhead

Chazz Redhead Studios was set-up in March 2021. He wanted to create a facility for actors to boost their prospects of securing voice work, in a friendly and accessible environment.

That is why each project starts with a consultation on what you hope to achieve from your voice reel, a laid back and non-pressurised recording session and quality aftercare which means you get the voice reel you can be proud of and puts you in the best position to secure the work you want.

"Chazz is a brilliant sound designer with a real depth, knowledge, and knack for the craft. His ability to work with the material and really listen to what is needed is something that I've used for my shows again and again." – Lewis Doherty (Creator/Performer, The Beast Trilogy)

"Chazz has brilliant attention to detail, an encyclopaedic knowledge of reference points and absolute passion for the work." - Christa Harris (Director, United Queendom)

Voice reel

We offer a boutique approach to creating the best voice reel for you. We’ll begin with an initial Zoom/telephone consultation to discuss your goals, vocal quality and the best content for your reel to achieve the desired outcomes.

We will source all content for the reel, including writing bespoke pieces if both parties feel this would be beneficial. We are also happy to use any specific pieces you would like to include.

We will book in a session in our socially distanced studio which will last a minimum of 2 hours.

Together we will record one 3-minute voice reel, exported in three formats (.mp3, .aiff, .wav).
Pieces will include:

  • 2x commercial
  • 1x audio book
  • 3x characters

This is accompanied by a text document with timecodes for agents / casting directors. The audio will be mastered and exported and you will receive the final product within 14 days

£119 - Enquire Now

Audition recording

We offer an Audition Record session, although this can also be used for any circumstance requiring a clean audio record and quick export.

Before the session we will discuss your specific requirements for the recording.

We will then book a 30 minute recording session in our socially distanced studio. Longer sessions can be negotiated directly.

The complete mastered audio will be returned to you within 24 hours of your record time.

£60 - Enquire Now

Fringe audio package

 We offer a Fringe Show Record session, to record audio for use in any live performance - live or otherwise. The full package includes sound design, recording and editing.

Before the session we will discuss your specific requirements for the recording.

We will then book a 30 minute recording session in our socially distanced studio. Longer sessions can be negotiated directly.

The complete mastered audio, Q-Lab file and running script will be returned to you by the deadline agreed in advance by both parties.

£129 - Enquire Now

Gift voucher

 Treat the performer in your life with a gift voucher for a voice reel package.

The package includes:

- Zoom consultation discussing voice casting, extracts to record

- Minimum 2 hour recording session

- Fully mastered 3 minute recording in .mp3, .aiff, .wav

All for £119, arriving as a gift voucher for your recipient to open.

£119 - Enquire Now

With a varied, creative and compelling voice reel, you could obtain professional work in areas including but not limited to:

  • Voice acting
  • Voiceovers
  • Commercial adverts
  • Audiobooks
  • Video game voice acting
  • Podcasts

Similar to a headshot or a showreel, your voice reel represents who you are and your performance capabilities, specifically in relation to your voice.

Your voice reel is a key component in demonstrating your suitability for voice work to agents and casting directors. Unlike a showreel, a voice reel contextualises the quality of your vocal performance and demonstrates your ability to perform effectively in a vocal recording environment.

We are fully compliant with Covid-19 social distancing practices. Please scroll down for more information.

Chazz Redhead Studios

Listen to Sample Voicereels:


"Had the best time working with Chazz. He made the whole experience fun and managed to get really exceptional results. Could not recommend more." - Alisa C

"It was my first time doing voiceover so I was a bit nervous but Chazz made the whole process fun. He made me feel very comfortable and gave great direction. I never felt pressured and his patience was very much appreciated. The resulting reel is quality and I'm really happy with it. Highly recommend!" - Rebecca S

"Chazz is a pro! He made me feel completely at ease and really listened to what I wanted, as well as offering excellent advice. Would definitely recommend!" - Sally H

"Working with Chazz was an enjoyable and fun experience. The set up was great and I felt comfortable in my mistakes, as Chazz is a great director and guide. I’d recommend anyone to record with Chazz as he preps what you need and want, so the process felt easy. He also provided a big bottle of water that I DEFINITELY needed! Would absolutely work with Chazz again. Thank you for a great voicereel!" - Nadia S.

"I couldn’t recommend Chazz highly enough. He made inspired suggestions, really working to my strengths and totally put me at my ease. I'm so happy with my voicereel!" - Sarah R.

"Chazz is a sound wizard. I felt supported with materials, advice and a lovely atmosphere. Most of all I felt heard. I usually worry about recording anything, but the support from Chazz means I have something I feel confident sending out into the world!" - Rhys L.

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Our goal is to provide all clients with top quality audio production and recording, in a safe and secure environment. That is why we have taken all the necessary measures to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

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